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Pukalani Physical Therapy is now Olakino!

We are renaming our clinic in Pukalani to Olakino Physical Therapy, but we aren’t going anywhere! You will continue to see Abel, Jordan, Hannah, and Jaimee when you visit our office in Pukalani Square.

Why are we changing our name?

Our goal is to continue to provide high-quality, personalized care and help as many people on the island as we can. We have served the Pukalani community for over nine years and want to give more people access to the same quality of care across the island. In the coming year, we will seek to open a second location to help more people live their healthiest, happiest, pain-free lives.

Olakino fits our mindset and our mission. We believe that improving one’s state of health and wellbeing unlocks their greatest individual potential. We will continue to be here to support you to live your best pain-free life under our new name, Olakino Physical Therapy.

Is the Pukalani clinic going away?

While our name may be changing, our home and heart will continue to live right here in the Pukalani community. Our clinic in Pukalani will remain in the same location you have come to know and we will continue to serve the Upcountry community for many years to come.

Is our team changing?

Our team is the heart of our business and we are so grateful for the service they provide you and the community. You will continue to see Abel, Jamie, Jordan and Hannah when you visit Olakino PT. See our commitment to you.

We’re so grateful to serve you and for the community we call home.



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