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Cancellation Policy

We promise that 100% of our effort will go into your rehabilitation, but we need 100% from you as well. We reserve time in our schedule specifically for you. Maintaining regular treatment sessions is essential for positive outcomes.


With this in mind, we ask for your cooperation by making every effort to keep scheduled appointments.


Cancellation/No-Show Policy
  • Please provide 24-hour notice for the cancellation of a scheduled appointment

    • If you are unable to give 24 hours, please contact us as soon as you can

  • Please call if you are going to be more than 5 - 7 minutes late to your appointment

    • If you do not call, you are considered a no-show,

    • and all future appointments will not be held until we hear from you


A $30 fee will be charged for a no-show or cancellation without proper notice. This charge will not be covered by your insurance. Repeated cancellations and/or no-shows will hinder your care and may result in the discontinuation of care. 

Mahalo for your partnership.

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